The “Arts Education for Tomorrow” symposium aims to document and synthesise arts education practice with regard to a key question: How does arts education respond to the needs of future social development? Hosted by Hong Kong Art School, the only education institution in Hong Kong with an all-rounded arts education experience including visual arts and performing arts, the symposium presents local and overseas speakers of different art disciplines to share practice and reflect on the opportunities and challenges in the field. By reviewing the landscape of current arts education, examining the role of the arts in the contemporary society and investigating innovative approaches to arts education, the symposium consolidates key issues to stimulate thoughts on forward-looking recommendations. A series of visual arts and performing arts activities are organised within and beyond the symposium to celebrate the love of the arts and further arouse discussions and exchange. Teachers, school principals, scholars, arts practitioners and people who are concerned about arts development are invited to participate in the symposium to make collective dialogues.