The Absence of Happiness in Art (Dr. CHEUNG Ping Kuen)

The Implications of Recent Approaches in Visual Arts Curriculum Development (Dr. MA Kwai Shun)

Possibilities of Arts Education (Mr. Fumio NANJO)

Teaching World Music in Hong Kong (Mr. Christopher PAK)

Theory as Practice and Practice as Theory: Praxis and the PhD in Art (Prof. Frank VIGNERON)

The Everyday Artists (Mrs. Sylvia CHEUNG)

Art of Protest: Education of Social & Political Awareness (Dr. WONG Kwok Choi, Kacey)

Arts & Social Phenomena (Mr. KOK Heng Leun)

School Art Education and Audience Building: with reference to the Learning and Teaching of Visual arts in Hong Kong in Recent Decades (Mr. YEUNG Wai Fung)

The Influences of Technology in Art and Design Learning (Mr. Christopher CHEUNG)

Simulating the Photography Studio: Online Learning and the Challenges to the Art School (Dr. Shane HULBERT)

MAD: Experiments from an Independent School (Dr. Roger MCDONALD)

This, That and More: Toward an Interdisciplinary and Transmedia Art Education (Prof. Gunalan NADARAJAN)