Audible City – Community Art Project

Audible City – Community Art Project

Project Period:
2015 - 2016

Collaborator(s)/ Sponsor(s):
HSBC, Community Partnership Programme

The objective of the project is to let general public discover the district (with the Eastern district of Hong Kong as the focus this time) via sound art.  The horizon of Secondary School students on sound art and on the concept of community shall be widened by the introductory seminar. Basic sound art and documentary workshop will be arranged to enrich the youth's investigation on distinctive issues of the community with the engagement of their various senses. Young people will be able to learn about the community more through an Elderly Storytelling workshop.  The elder people will share their stories which are inspired by or associated with the sound recorded in the community. At the end of the project, an exhibition will be held in the Chai Wan district featuring the investigation of the youth and the stories told by the elderly.