Our Academic Staff
Dr. Edwin LAI

Exhibition curator:
Rediscovering Photography in Hong Kong
China Pingyao International Photography Festival 2011
Exhibition curator:
Colour Hong Kong 40s-60s
Lumenvisum, 2014
Exhibition curator:
Twin Peaks Contemporary Hong Kong Photography
Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2014

Senior Lecturer / Subject Coordinator

BA (Hons.), Derbyshire College of Higher Education, UK
MPhil, PhD, The University of Hong Kong

Specialty: Photography

Edwin is a renowned art critic both locally and internationally, and he has been active in the field for more than 20 years. With an expertise in photography, he has published more than one hundred essays in English and Chinese languages, and they are published in different forms ranging from newspaper columns, art gallery leaflets, exhibition catalogues to academic journals. Some of his writings have also been collected in published books, and many of his essays can be found on the internet.