Alongside the Symposium, the following fringe activities will be carried out for showcasing some features and outcomes of local arts education, and for sharing with the participants of the Symposium the experience Hong Kong Art School has gained over the years in the areas of visual arts education and performing arts education. The extended forum will also lead us to project our way forward in the field of arts education.

Reaching Out from Here: An Extended Forum
3:15-5:15pm, 7 Oct 2016, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Hall

The stimulations and reflections of the two-day symposium need to be extended and grounded in our day to day arts education practice. How could we make that possible?
In this forum, we invite participants of the symposium to work together and consider what arts education in Hong Kong needs at this time, and to formulate some possible proposals for implementation. We hope the symposium will not end here, but will trigger a rippling effect beyond.

International Perspectives on Democracy: A Performed Research
2:30-3:00pm, 7 Oct 2016, Landscape Terrence

The use of live theatre as research methodology is a fast growing area, both locally and internationally, in the academia as well as in the arts field. In this project, the research team puts together data collected from a group of international informants, who came from a range of socio-political contexts, to understand their views on democracy. The key questions involved are “What does democracy mean to you in your social context?” and “What are the key issues and concerns?”
The performed research aims to open up possibilities for the audience to consider their own positions and actions towards the democratic social development in Hong Kong and worldwide.
The research cum creative team comprises staff members and alumni in applied theatre and drama education at Hong Kong Art School.


Showcase of Student Work and their Making
6-7 Oct 2016, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Hall

Arts Education cultivates the process of artistic creation.
During the two-day symposium, students of Hong Kong Art School will showcase their art works of various media, and share their journeys of art learning through demonstrations.