Higher Diploma / BA / MFA
Higher Diploma in Fine Art (Ceramics / Painting / Photography / Sculpture)

Artwork by LI Ka Ying
(Graduate, Painting major)
Artwork by TO Kwan
(Graduate, Ceramics major)
Artwork by CHAN Crystal Ka Hing
(Graduate, Ceramics major)
Artwork by CHAN Wing Tung
(Graduate, Painting major)
Artwork by LAM Ka Yee Miki
(Graduate, Painting major)
Artwork by CHU Zi Wei
(Graduate, Photography major)
Artwork by YUNG Chun Kit
(Graduate, Sculpture major)

Programme Introduction

Programme Code: 18FA4031AF

Commencement Date: September 2018

Mode & Duration of Study: 2-year Full-time

Tuition Fee: (Subject to review)
HK$ 51,975 per year for 2 years  
HK$ 103,950 (Total)

Fee to be settled by 6 equal installments, 3 installments per year  (Tuition Fee Deposit which forms part of the 1st installment may be applied).

Aims & Objectives

The programme aims at providing students with the opportunity to build up professional platform in skills and knowledge in the fine art area. With specialized study and relevant generic and broad-based skills, students will be able to think critically about art, become technically competent in various mediums and approaches, have a strong awareness of the theoretical and cultural context of their area of study, and work independently with appropriate analytical and evaluative skills. The programme also prepares students for future artistic development or further academic studies in conjunction with Fine Art disciplines and other creative fields. 

Programme Features

  • Promote visual awareness and nurture creative and critical thinking of students through the process of experimentation and exploration
  • Guide students to develop the understanding of contemporary modes of visual thinking, creative methodologies, visual research skills and independent thinking 
  • Encourage the mastering of technical, perceptual and conceptual skills, and develop the specific skills required for both local and international exhibition practices
  • Equip students to position their art making both historically and within contemporary visual discourses 
  • Encourage students to take an individual pathway through the course, leading to self-realisation, self exploration and expression of individualism 
  • Provide articulation opportunities to the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme jointly presented by the School and the RMIT University.


Programme Articulation

Depending on students' academic result and intended major area of study, graduates from the Higher Diploma in Fine Art may be articulated to the 2nd year of the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme jointly offered by the School and the RMIT University, and complete both the Higher Diploma and the Bachelor Degree programmes in 4 years of time.

 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art)
[2nd year of the 3-year programme] 
Higher Diploma in Fine Art

2 years
2 years



How Will it be Delivered?

  • Individual graduation project to nourish creativity and enhance exhibition experience
  • Workshops and studio practices
  • Lectures, seminars by local and overseas artists / guests 
  • Exchange exhibitions, field trips, visits of galleries & art studios
  • Individual supervision and tutorial



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Higher Diploma in Fine Art Programme is accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications for a period from September 2014 to August 2018.


Structure & Curriculum

The programme consists of 78 credit units. It begins with modules of foundational nature, in which students can expose themselves to different mediums, techniques, art-historical theories, as well as to strengthen their generic and language skills. In the upper year, the course will focus on studio-based modules. Students can choose their major area of study from the four disciplines, namely, Ceramics, Painting, Photography and Sculpture. 

Alongside with the regular class meetings, supplementary and extra-curriculum activities, such as forum and seminars which will be beneficial to students, will be arranged. 


Year 1
( ) credit units
Term 1 (Sep - Nov)
Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving
Visual Culture
Drawing I 
Creative Chinese Writing
Term 2 (Dec - Mar)
Drawing II 
2D Visualization 
3D Visualization
Western Art History I 
Interactive English Communication
Term 3 (Apr - Jul)
Introduction to Chinese Art History 
Specialization IA
Specialization IB 
Specialization IC
Credits 39
Contact Hours 468 (Hours)


Year 2
( ) credit units
Term 1 (Sep - Nov)
Western Art History II
Specialization IIA
Specialization IIB 
Specialization IIC 
Term 2 (Dec - Mar)
Interdisciplinary Project 
Contemporary Art 
Supervised Studio Practice I 
Graduation Project I 
Term 3 (Apr - Jul)
Hong Kong Art 
Project Management 
Supervised Studio Practice II 
Graduation Project II
Credits 39
Contact Hours 468 (Hours)
Total Credits 78
Total Contact Hours 936 (Hours)


Ceramics Painting Photography Sculpture
Specialization Students choose 3 from the above 4 disciplines as their specialization areas of study.
Major Discipline Upon satisfactorily completion of the 3 chosen specializations, students can further choose one discipline as their major area of study by identifying it as the main medium / theme of their graduation project.

Students' response contributes the major part of the School's decision on offering or cancelling a Specialization / Major Discipline and HKAS reserves the right in this regard at its own discretion.


Admission Requirements

  • Level 2 (or above) in five Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) subjects including English and Chinese;
    1. Each applicant is allowed to use not more than two Applied Learning subjects in the application;
    2. Preferably with “Attained with Distinction” in Applied Learning subjects; or
  • One A Level or an equivalent number of AS Level subjects in Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE); and
    1. 5 passes in HKCEE including English and Chinese; or
    2. 3 passes in HKCEE plus level 2 or above in English and Chinese; or
  • Satisfactory completion of a pre-AD or an equivalent programme; or
  • Holder of Foundation Diploma in Visual Art from Hong Kong Art School; or
  • Mature student at age 21 or above with substantial relevant experience; or
  • Candidate with substantial relevant background to be assessed by the School.


  • Hong Kong Art School reserves the right to make adjustments to the criteria as and when necessary, and/or with reference to the guidelines and practice as set out by the public institutions funded by the University Grant Committee (UGC), and the direction of the Joint Quality Review Committee (JQRC) and The Federation for Continuing Education in Tertiary Institutions (FCE).
  • Applications from students in Mainland China, Macau, and overseas countries would also be considered.

Notes to Applicants:

  • Candidates may be required to attend the admission interview and present their folios. Admission Interview, when applicable, will be conducted in approximately 2 weeks after the submission of the application.
  • Candidates may be requested to demonstrate language proficiency, or attend corresponding language test(s).e.g.IELTS
  • Special Admission may be considered at the discretion of the School for candidates who can demonstrate exceptional excellence in their relevant folios.



  1. Please make sure you meet the application requirements of the programme you are applying for. 
  2. A non-refundable application fee of HK$200 will be levied. 
  3. Please submit the completed Award-bearing Programme Application Form (Form No. HKAS002)  together with relevant supporting documents, and application fee via one of the following ways: 
  • In person to the Enrolment Office of Hong Kong Art School.
    Address: Hong Kong Art School Chai Wan Campus (Rm 819, 8/F Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan) 
    Opening Hours:
    Monday - Friday
    10am - 7pm
    10am - 6pm
    Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • By post to the Enrolment Office of Hong Kong Art School (address as above) 
    (Please DO NOT mail the CASH by post)


Financial Assistance

Students at different study levels and in different study modes may apply for different types of financial assistance scheme provided by the HKSAR Government, including:

Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS), Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP), Student Travel Subsidy for Tertiary or Post-secondary Students (STS), Deduction of Tax for Training.   For details, please contact the School's Enrolment Office.


Scholarships opportunities are available.
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Exemption Policy

Module exemption will be granted to student if he/she can demonstrate in his/her submitted portfolio or qualifications that he/she has completed in another subject having a high level of correlation in terms of breadth, depth and assessment level to the subject to be exempted. The maximum percentage of exemption a student can be granted is no more than one-third of the modules of the programme. Modules under the category of Professional Studies of the programme are however not open to exemption application.


Programme Enquiry

Enquiry: (+852) 2922 2822
Email: enroledu@hkac.org.hk
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