Meet with Mr. Fumio Nanjo
Meet with Mr. Fumio Nanjo - Art Education International Director of Hong Kong Art School

Mr. Fumio Nanjo

Since his assumption of the role as the Art Education International Director of our School in July 2014, Mr. Fumio Nanjo has been sharing with us his pioneering visions on various topics relating to the contemporary art scene.  From the role of art and artists in a society to the secrets behind curating exhibitions, art festivals and even biennale of massive and international scale, from discussing the positioning of public art in a city to questioning the boundary of public art in the internet age, Mr. Nanjo has always been keen to conduct exclusive dialogues with students of our School and provide inspiring thoughts to art lovers in Hong Kong.

Mr. Nanjo has also been bringing our students exclusive exchange opportunities with art institutions in Japan, including the Kyoto University of Art and Design.   The Art Tour of the School is also enhanced in various aspects with his unique artistic network in Japan and beyond.

Please stay tuned to the innovative lectures to be hosted by Mr. Nanjo at our School in the upcoming period of time.