New Horizons of Local Ceramic Art in Hong Kong

Project name : New Horizons of Local Ceramic Art in Hong Kong


Date of Completion : December 2018


Description : The research was carried out by Rachel Cheung, Lecturer / Programme Coordinator (Project), with two alumni – Winus Lee, Ida Yu and a current student – Suzanne Au. The team were proceeding a study with the alumni who studied the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme jointly presented by HKAS and RMIT University, Australia, with ceramics as major. The data

collection methods entail an e-questionnaire and interviews with alumni with ceramics major graduated between 2001 and 2015. The purpose of the project is to create more networking opportunities, and make further contribution to the art community. We hope that this exercise can help re-unite like-minded alumni, and give rise to more potential collaboration in ceramic art related activities and programmes.


For the research outcome, please view the e-book here