6 Oct 2016 (Thu)

7 Oct 2016 (Fri)






Opening Ceremony


Concluding Session:

Arts Education Tomorrow


Panel 1:

Arts Education Today


Closing Ceremony


Panel 2:

Arts & Social Phenomena


Fringe Activities


Panel 3:

Pioneering Approaches in Arts Education


Panel 1: Arts Education Today – How are we doing?

This panel discussion focuses on the current landscape and the role of arts education in Hong Kong and overseas. The speakers will approach the topic from different perspectives, considering recent trends in curriculum development and teaching approaches, the role of the arts in Hong Kong… and so on, to open up discussions on the opportunities and challenges in arts education in order to explore what may be needed for tomorrow.

Title of Presentation & Speakers

The Absence of Happiness in Art
Cheung Ping Kuen (Hong Kong)

The Implications of Recent Approaches in Visual Arts Curriculum Development
Ma Kwai Shun (Hong Kong)

Possibilities of Arts Education
Fumio Nanjo (Japan)

Teaching World Music in Hong Kong
Pak Tak Wan, Christopher (Hong Kong)

Moderator: Chan Yuk Lan Phoebe


Panel 2: Arts & Social Phenomena – How penetrating & encompassing can arts education be in a society?

The speakers in this panel session will look at arts education in various contexts, ranging from educating young children to tertiary students as well as members of the public, within formal school systems as well as larger socio-political contexts. The discussions will take into account the influence of cultural values, public policies and political climates to examine how the arts respond to social movements and interact with the social phenomena.

Title of Presentation & Speakers

The Everyday Artists
Cheung Wing Tin, Sylvia (Hong Kong)

Arts & Social Phenomena
Kok Heng Leun (Singapore)

Art of Protest: Education of Social & Political Awareness
Wong Kwok Choi, Kacey (Hong Kong)

School Art Education and Audience Building: with reference to the Learning and Teaching of Visual Arts in Hong Kong in Recent Decades
Yeung Wai Fung (Hong Kong)

Moderator: Lam Suk Yee Connie


Panel 3: Pioneering Approaches in Arts Education – How to draw upon experimental & innovative methodologies?

Amid rapid changes in technology development, how does arts education respond to the new needs of the digital age? In this panel session, arts practitioners from various regions share their experience in adopting innovative approaches to arts education. Through introducing their practice, they bring up critical issues related to meeting the learning needs of the new generation, developing effective online learning environments, the importance of experiential learning, the place of interdisciplinary and transmedia arts, and the relationship between research and art making.

Title of Presentation & Speakers

The Influences of Technology in Art and Design Learning
Christopher Cheung (Hong Kong)

Simulating the Photography Studio: Online Learning and the Challenges to the Art School
Shane Hulbert (Australia)

MAD: Experiments from an Independent School
Roger McDonald (Japan)

This, That and More: Toward an Interdisciplinary and Transmedia Art Education
Gunalan Nadarajan (Singapore/US)

Theory as Practice and Practice as Theory: Praxis and the PhD in Art
Frank Vigneron (France/Hong Kong)

Moderator: Fumio Nanjo


Concluding Session: Arts Education Tomorrow

In this concluding session, the moderators of the previous panel sessions will consolidate key issues arising from the preceding discussions in the symposium, and stimulate dialogues amongst symposium participants with regard to arts education approaches that answer the call of future social development.

Speakers: Chan Yuk Lan Phoebe (Hong Kong), Lam Suk Yee Connie (Hong Kong), Fumio Nanjo (Japan)
Moderator: Cheung Ping Kuen


Fringe Activities
A series of arts activities related to the symposium theme including art work display, mini drama showcases and extended forum discussions.