Why Study with Us?

Our Programmes are specially designed for YOU who look for:

 A highly specialized study in Fine Art –

    Over 80% of the course content in our accredited programmes focuses purely on specialized art study, a percentage much higher than that of other art programmes in town

A Major Study in Fine Art –

    We are the only local Art School which offers fine art programmes with major studio of study (Painting, Ceramics, Photography, Sculpture) , concentrating on in-depth learning & hands-on studio experience

Studio-based learning, anticipating the creation of your own artwork –

    We equip you with adequate concepts and studio skillsets to build up your own art world

Professionalism & Insiders’ Knowledge –

    We are operated by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the first independent arts organization in town, we have been well connected with the local and international art scenes for over the past 40 years

Serious art study alongside your job / full-time work –

    We offer formal fine art programmes which can accommodate the needs and the schedules of working adults

An Opportunity to Showcase your work at our World-Class Gallery –

​    Our students of Degree level and above hold their Graduation Exhibitions at the internationally renowned Pao Galleries of the Hong Kong Arts Centre


Our School is also:

♦ Diverse & dynamic –

   mature students & working adults occupying over 65% of our study body

♦ Attentive to students’ needs –

 we advocate small-class teaching

♦ Flexible & Experimental –

 we keep ourselves close to local & international trends

♦ Pioneering –

 we shape the art ecology and found new artistic values in Hong Kong