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From children book to picture book, this particular book form has come increasingly under the spot light not only in the publishing industry, but also of visual art. As various ways of story-telling proliferate, the picturebook continues to thrive and manifest in all sorts of innovative forms, and lives as an artefact to be shared and loved. Many great artists and designers in the last few centuries, have made their marks in this artform. Their works have consequently contributed to the modern conception of childhood as a cultural construct of modern times. And the impact are felt far beyond the scope of children.

The course will start with a brief investigation into the characteristics and development of picture books in modern history. After that, students will be guided into the basic principles of communication with word and image. Exploring how they can be exploited to create movement, space, drama, and silence, through the command of the grammar and metre of the medium.
Then, students will be introduced with actual examples, showing book designs with different narrative : story, thematic, and interactive. Seeing how the contents being laid out through each narrative with its own language. And how each narrative format, in many cases, inspired their own contents.
The course will be with conducted with lectures and hands-on exercises. With activities and assignments to walk students through the necessary steps for creating their own picture books at the end of the course.

* Students will be informed of the materials needed in the first lesson.


Benny LAU
Benny LAU, an award winning graphic artist, illustrator and product designer. He started his journey of picture book for almost 2 decades. In 2009, he won the silver award at the first Greater China Illustration Award.
Apart from practising as a multi-disciplinary designer and entrepreneur, Benny has been teaching and facilitating creative workshops in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, and India.
From 2017, Benny co-founded the Macau House of Childhood project, and designed a series of creative workshops and picture books for kids with an emphasis on playful learning.



17/4/2023 – 26/6/2023(MON)
Holiday 1/5/2023

7:30pm – 9:30pm


HKD 2,570