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The Active Image: Hands-On Experimentation

This course explores the photographic medium through hands-on experimentation. Every week a new theme is explored through image interpretation and active image-making. Students will be given unique guidelines to follow in order to come up with their own images in class (based on the weekly theme) without prior planning. Activities will encourage students to embrace a more hands-on approach, by responding to new ideas in the moment, while also incorporating some of their own ideas in the making process. Some of the themes that will be covered include the role of subjectivity, language, limitation and context in relation to photography.

​* Students will be informed of the materials needed in the first lesson.


Janine CLAASE was born in South-Africa and has lived and studied in Hong Kong since 2008. During her undergraduate studies she received the ‘Reaching Out Award’ and ‘Outstanding Performance Scholarship’. She graduated from the Bachelor degree co-presented by RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2019 with distinction for her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (major in photography) and was selected as part of the Fresh Trend ’15 group exhibition at Hong Kong City Hall. She is currently the co-founder and coordinator of Blank Page Writers’ Forum and likes to spend time collaborating on local art, film and music projects. Her other interests include psychology and therapeutic art.

Jennifer LAI
Jennifer LAI Cing Yan (黎靖欣), graduated from Photography of BFA program at RMIT & Hong Kong Art School and has been working as an art consultant for a decade. She is especially interested in the social current affairs that reflected in her work. Her intention is to arouse the awareness of public on different social issues, thus making a better place for all beings. “Art for Society’s Sake” is the core value in her art practices. Born and live in Hong Kong, her creative concept is rooted from the local social context. Through the presentation of her work, audiences were prompted with questions instead of deliberating a definite answer, providing a chance for audiences can reflect on themselves and widen their perspectives.



8/7/2021 – 5/8/2021 (THU)

7:00pm – 9:00pm


HKD 1,250