Published: 10/7/2024

Carmen Lam, a recent graduate of Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) majoring in photography,  co-presented by the Hong Kong Art School and RMTI University in Australia. She had been working in the China-Hong Kong Trade field until the sudden close down of her company in early 2019. Luckily, she successfully seeked a job opportunity in the community development field under an NGO.

The same year, Carmen joined an information session hosted by the Hong Kong Art School as a companion of her friend. During the information session, the speaker explained the underlying symbols and meanings of the painting “Scuola di Atene”, which belongs to the Italian renaissance period. Since she would always visit museums and galleries when she went on business trips or traveled, she could only enjoy those artworks visually. Therefore, after understanding the interpretation of the speaker towards the painting, she found it fascinating and captivated her interest immediately.

During the session, Carmen learnt that each mature applicant had to present their own artwork according to the admission requirement of the Hong Kong Art School. Carmen only painted when she was free without any professional art skills, therefore she was not confident enough. After being encouraged and supported by her family, she initiated her first step into the new chapter of her life.

Carmen earned a Higher Diploma, which served as her initiation into the world of art. After trying and experiencing different art disciplines, she decided to major in photography. After completing the higher course which lasted for two years, she realized her understanding of arts was still so limited, so she applied for the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme immediately once she knew that she was eligible. And she brought a series of photos taken by herself to that hard-earned opportunity.

Carmen thinks that the most profound aspect of the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) is that it further expanded her exploration of the world of art.  Artistic creations often originated from daily life, we can also discuss and touch upon issues that resonate with oneself. Moreover, she believes that art works can be created through our life experiences and stories since we are all unique. Through observing, thinking and transforming everything, art and life are combined. She chooses to present different sides of herself through photography.

During the Higher Diploma interview, Carmen brought her own paintings and coincidently, the teacher interviewing her was the one who spoke in the introductory session. The feedback from the teacher was, “Leave more room for possibilities.”She thinks that this quote is remarkable and has changed her mindset eversince. She will always leave room for reflection on work and creating artworks now.

As a working mother, balancing family life and studies has been incredibly busy. Carmen is grateful that her family and classmates are understanding and supportive. In terms of work, she changed from a full-time worker to part-time in the past four years. As for other aspects of her life, she has to make certain sacrifices and compromises as well.

Carmen does not dare to claim herself as an artist. She thinks that she simply uses her own means to present the existence of specific time and space, and photography inevitably carries an autobiographical nature. In this show, the main theme of her exhibited works are her father and her. She aims to use a vessel to intersect and accumulate flowing fragments of the traces of a particular space and time, reconstructing and organizing them into a narrative record before they disappear.

Hong Kong Art School / RMIT University Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduate Exhibition 2024 — Ephemeral
Exhibition Period : 6 – 22 July 2024
Time : 10am – 8pm
Venue : 4/F – 5/F Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
(Please enter via 5/F using the lifts)
Opening Reception : 5 July 2024 (Fri) | 6:00pm