Agnes Leung, is known for captivating viewers with the vibrant colours and whimsical qualities of her paintings. She graduated from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme co-presented by Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University in 2021 with a major in painting.

Agnes enjoys painting cheerful things that make people smile because she appreciates being able to laugh out loud even as an adult. Agnes likes to draw the peculiar and mundane parts of her day-to-day life, portraying them through her unique artistic lens. She delights in colours, painting, and the joy it gives to herself and her audience. Just two years after graduating, she had already gained significant attention with her first solo exhibition at Art Central in 2024.

While studying at HKAS, Agnes was deeply inspired by her mentors and sought to unearth her artistic path. She found great value in the lecturers sharing their creative experiences and particularly enjoyed ‘Intensive Week’: 1-2 weeks per semester when RMIT faculty based in Melbourne (Australia) came to  spend time with the students. That change in faculty and teaching methods was a breath of fresh air and stimulated new inspiration.

Agnes says that studying at the Hong Kong Art School has greatly influenced her style. During her time there, she was exposed to new ideologies and lecturers who would tell students to take in and filter what they learned. What’s left is the essence – which becomes unique to every individual.

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