Why study with us?

Why Study with Us?

Are specially designed for you with the following highlights

► Highly specialized study in Fine Art –

Over 80% of the course content in our accredited programmes focuses purely on specialized art study, a percentage much higher than that of other art programmes in town

Major Study in Fine Art –

We are the only local Art School in town which offers fine art programmes with major studio of study (Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture) , concentrating on in-depth learning & hands-on studio experience

Studio-based learning, anticipating the creation of your own artwork –

We equip you with adequate concepts and studio skillsets to build up your own art world

Professionalism –

Operated by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the first independent and non-profit-making arts organization in Hong Kong established in 1977, we have been well connected with the local and international art scenes for over the past four decades.

Insiders’ Knowledge –

Our students learn from a group of practicing artists, getting a unique and exclusive glimpse of the real art world, and leading a real artistic life

Serious art study alongside your job / full-time work –

We offer formal fine art programmes which can accommodate the needs and the schedules of working adults

An Opportunity to Showcase your work at our World-Class Gallery –

​Our students of Degree level hold their Graduation Exhibitions at the internationally renowned Pao Galleries of the Hong Kong Arts Centre

Is always:

♦ Diverse & dynamic –

mature students & working adults occupying over 65% of our study body

♦ Attentive to students’ needs –

we advocate small-class teaching

♦ Flexible & Experimental –

we keep ourselves close to local & international trends

♦ Pioneering –

we shape the art ecology and found new artistic values in Hong Kong

Are always our pride, and they are developing their own unique career pathways in the creative industry:

  • Since 2000, we have nurtured around 4,000 graduates from our award-bearing programmes, and over 33,000 enrollees into our short courses
  • More than 80% of our Graduates are employed after graduation, and Art, Culture, Design, Creative Industry, and Art Education are the most popular fields they are working in.
  • Work opportunities for our graduates are vast and countless, many of them have become: professional artists, art administrators, curators, art educators, art therapists, designers, visual merchandizers, as well as practitioners in museums, art galleries, art malls, art studios, and auction houses.
  • Some of our graduates continue their undergraduate and post-graduate studies in local universities such as The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, City University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University etc.
  • Our graduates can always be exclusively engaged with local and international art events through the professional connection of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, including:

Hong Kong Arts Centre Annual Flagship Exhibition – involving internationally renowned curators and featuring works by celebrated contemporary artists

Fine Art Asia – one of the leading fine art fairs in Asia held annually at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, with HKAS as the Education Partner of the fair since 2012

Art Basel Hong Kong – Hong Kong Arts Centre has been the Institutional Partner of this world-class event

Know more about the achievements and activities of our students and alumni >

For our programmes on Higher Diploma and Bachelor Degree levels, we offer four specific Major disciplines in the Fine Art area:

Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture 

Major study allows you to
– Immerse yourself into the study of a particular art discipline / medium
– Gain a concrete foundation in an artistic medium, and from there, develop your skills, widen your scope of practice, and expand your research area
– Adopt an artistic medium as a learning and a thinking tool, explore and experiment in a more sophisticated manner
– Effectively respond to the contemporary phenomena and introspectively look into as well as rediscover yourself

About individual Major disciplines:


  • Our ceramics courses provide students with a platform to get hold of the conceptual knowledge and technical skills of the medium across traditions in the past and carry them forward to connect with the contemporary life in the present.
  • On top of building up and refining the fundamental skills and knowledge of the ceramics medium, students are encouraged to expand the medium and the practice, inventing new ways of working, exploring new variety of materials, creating new meanings for the medium, and bringing into life works that can relate more to yourself, the others, the natural environment and the society within the cultural context.
  • Through further conceptual and technical researches, students are encouraged to rethink the role of daily functional objects, and how they are related to the way we live, develop their own styles and methodologies in creating contemporary works and functional objects that can contribute to contemporary life, art and personal growth.


  • Focusing on western contemporary painting, our painting courses equip students with technical skills, understanding of materials and means, as well as theoretical knowledge to approach the painting practice.  Painting is considered as a critical yet self-reflexive medium to express, create, and respond to the social phenomena.
  • Painting nowadays is no longer bounded by two-dimensional representations, it is expanding to other forms of studio practices, from three-dimensional ones to moving images and other forms of representation.
  • Critical thinking, research and studio-based practices are all valued and accordingly incorporated as essential elements into the courses, enabling students to further explore the possibilities led by the painting medium in Fine Art study.


  • Our photography courses explore all possible ways of making pictures with light, which is the original meaning of the word ‘photography’.
  • We also emphasize the learning and thinking of photography from theoretical and historical perspectives.
  • Students can practice photography in the ‘micro’ manner that experiments with light sources, light-sensitive materials, photographic equipment, darkroom processing, digital imaging management, and so on.  At the same time, they can adopt ‘macro’ perspectives that study or intervene society with photography.


  • Our sculpture courses advocate revitalization of traditional craft, exploration of materials, and adoption of multidisciplinary/ multi-media approaches to creative practice.
  • Students will develop conceptual and practical skills, and investigate how creative practice is presented and received in exhibition and public space.
  • Traditional woodwork and metal work are integrated with mixed media, soft sculpture, as well as sound and video presentation, the courses are responding critically to the social and cultural contexts, setting an example for a new and all-rounded visual practice.