BAFA Alumni Stories – Benny To

Published: 21/7/2024

Benny To, graduated from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme co-presented by Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University in 2021, with a major in ceramics. After graduating from the HKAS, Benny has gone onto teaching ceramics, holding exhibitions, and consigning his artwork.

Benny’s work revolves around the fusion of modern pop culture and ancient relics. His artwork utilises technologies that only exist in video games and science fiction, such as laser guns and transformation devices. These futuristic technologies are all dilapidated in his work as if they are ancient artefacts, giving his artwork an intriguing sense of irony.

Originally working in the hospitality industry, Benny was encouraged by a friend to enrol in the Hong Kong Art School. Now with his repertoire of artistic skills and knowledge, he lives a vastly different life. As a full-time ceramicist, he is able to set his own work hours with students and exhibition venues. Benny marvels at how the HKAS programme has enabled so much more personal freedom.

His work has been exhibited many times – most notably at the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, where Benny reinterpreted the recently discovered Rock Carvings at Wong Chuk Hang.  There is very little official documentation of the carvings nor are there any other uncovered remains, which inspired him to produce his personal creative interpretations of the symbols.

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