List of Awardees (BAFA Graduate Exhibition 2021)

Art tu : Gallery Fine Art Award

ART TU : GALLERY FINE ART AWARD The award is supported by Art tu: gallery which was founded in Hong Kong in 2017. The gallery showcases artworks in different me-diums by contemporary artists who are not only talented individu-als, but also successful professionals in their own fields. AWARDEE LEUNG Po Ying Agnes (Painting Major)

The Pottery Workshop Limited Award

THE POTTERY WORKSHOP LIMITED AWARD The Pottery Workshop was established 35 years ago at the Fringe Club as a self-sustain organization. Around 10 years ago, it became an NGO in order to fulfill the missions in promoting ceramic arts and community services. AWARDEE TSE Wai Ling (Ceramics Major)

Hearty Ceramic Award

HEARTY CERAMIC AWARD Hearty Ceramic Award is established by the Hearty Ceramic Supply Company as a recognition to the graduating ceramic artist of his/her dedication to ceramic art and his/her skills developed in the area. AWARDEE MOK Hoi Ching (Ceramics Major)

Vitamin D Award

VITAMIN D AWARD The award is jointly presented by the graduate exhibition commit-tees of three local institutes, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts and Hong Kong Art School. This award aims to encourage students with significant po-tential for development in art and to enable them to explore further possibilities in the field, as well as to enhance the connection among the three institutes. AWARDEE TO Kai On Benny (Ceramics Major)

SuMo Pottery Award

SUMO POTTERY AWARD The award is supported by SuMo Pottery, a dedicated space that promotes local ceramic art by hosting ceramic exhibitions, art ex-changes and pottery classes for people of all ages. The award is established in recognition of the outstanding performance of the graduating student and to encourage him/her to continue to cre-ate impressive ceramic works. AWARDEE TSE Wai Ling (Ceramics Major)

Mudheytong Gallery Award

MUDHEYTONG GALLERY AWARD Mudheytong Gallery is a space dedicated to educate and engage with the wider community and promote public awareness of ceramic arts. The Gallery believes that the unexpected sparks creativity, that new people, ideas and space nurture the evolution of the artistic practice. The award aims at encouraging graduating student to continue exploring in ceramic art concepts and making. AWARDEE MOK Hoi Ching (Ceramics Major)