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The Art and Craft of Picture Book (I)

A picturebook may seem to be a simple proposition – a deco-rated story. In fact, a picturebook contains several modes of expression and can contain multiple layers of meaning. This course will explore the techniques that illustrators and au-thors use to create these expressions and meanings. And how different techniques help to spur different narratives, and encourage readers to keep turning the pages to acquire the meanings they suggest.

Whether you are an amateur in picture book or student who has explored the essence of picturebook from our fundamental course – “PicTuRe BoOoOok”, you would find this advance course most useful and satisfying. As there is a range of practical instructions prepared for you to pickup the visual story-telling techniques, followed by workshops and tutorials detailing the process of a picturebook making and publishing. For examples, how to create attractive and visually appealing characters; how to use color and texture to enhance the impact and intention of a story; how to use visual clues to add certain atmosphere or symbolic details to the pages ; and in the end, how to utilise design elements to maximise the visual impact of the whole book.

* Students will be informed of the materials needed in the first lesson.


Benny LAU
Benny Lau, an award winning graphic artist, illustrator and product designer. He started his journey of picture book for almost 2 decades. In 2009, he won the silver award at the first Greater China Illustration Award. Apart from practising as a multi-disciplinary designer and entrepreneur, Benny has been teaching and facilitating creative workshops in Hong Kong and overseas. Since 2017, Benny co-founded the Ma-cau House of Childhood, designed a series of creative work-shops and picture books for playful learning. In 2022 he organised “The Beautiful Pages” community project in Shum Shui Po, introduced a series of workshops and activities with other picture book artists. Lately in the Hong Kong Bookfair organised by HKTDC, Benny was responsible to curate the “World of Art and Culture”, selecting and presenting the outstanding picture books around the world.



23/9/2024 – 25/11/2024 (MON)

7:30pm – 9:30pm

Cantonese supplemented by English

HKD 2,790 (Included materials fee HKD 60)