Hidden Treasures- The Therapeutic Potentials of Art at Leisure and in Retirement

Date: 6 – 17 March 2019
Time: 10am-6pm
Venue: Experimental Gallery, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong)

This exhibition showcased the selected artworks created by a mixed group of elderly, retired and adult participants from a series of customised art classes organised by Hong Kong Art School (a division of Hong Kong Arts Centre) between September 2017 and March 2019.  It not only aimed to bring out the therapeutic potentials of art practice and the possible comfort or benefit extended to the family members of the participants, but also highlighted something treasurable that was hidden in individual participants and could be revealed through art.

The art classes organised were with focuses on the mediums of water colour, Chinese ink painting and ceramics making, and were designed to enrich the retired lives of most of the participants with splashes of colours, to facilitate them to explore their own hidden artistic talents, and to bring them to discover more about themselves, their family members and their surroundings via art-making. Most of class participants were at different stages of their retired lives, with ages ranging from around 50 to 95.  The elderly participants were in different physical health conditions; and it was the first time for many of the participants to try their hands at art-making.

This exhibition offered an utterly inspiring and heart-warming experience for visitors to witness the first-time try-out of many of the elderly participants.  Despite their ages, different backgrounds and different physical health conditions, they never failed to try and experiment, and they were always contented about what they could make do with in the world of art.

It was truly never too late for anyone to pick up a painting brush and give art a try!

Come visit this exhibition, celebrate with us the joy and the therapeutic beauty of art-making!

Our special gratitude goes to: Ms. Dominica Yang (Chairman, Board of Governors, Hong Kong Arts Centre) for her initiation of the classes and the exhibition; Humansa and Miss Simmone Katie Yang for their generous sponsorship for the classes; and the Hong Kong Country Club for their wonderful venue support on the conduction of the customised art classes between April 2018 and March 2019.  Special mention to Mrs. Sophie Lau for her kind support to the exhibition.

Featuring artwork by:
Allan AW
Ruth LAU
Christina LEE
Nancy LEE
Wendy SONG
Elvira TAN
Pei Pei WANG
Simmone Katie YANG
Ti Liang YANG
Patrick YU Shuk Siu

A Note on Gallery Opening Hours:
The gallery had been temporarily closed for an hour in the afternoon of 9 and 17 March due to operational logistics, we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.