So I say, “It’s a landscape painting.” — Exhibition at The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School

Once the painting is completed, death begins; “it” will sink endlessly and dissolve in the cold shards of ultramarine, which is infinite.

Some infer that the shards must contain an absolute sky. I prefer to dream that the surface represents a world reduced to a smooth vertical surface, like a slab of opaque glass. And when you look through the glass, you shall see birds singing as if they are hiccupping in a blue forest.

Now you might ask what is “it” to be exact, but to speak of it is to refuse.
So I say, “It’s a landscape painting.”

—Kong Chun Nga, Kitty

So I say, “It’s a landscape painting.”
Exhibition Period : 28 April – 30 May 2021
Time : 11am – 8pm (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)
Venue : The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School  (10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)
Participating Artists : HO Kai Yim, Clint | KAN Kiu Sin, Tobe | KONG Chun Nga, Kitty | LAU Yin Yeung | SO Yin Kwan, Jody | YIP Man, Manny
Curated by : KONG Chun Nga, Kitty

‧Opening Reception
27/4 (Tue) 6pm – 8pm @ The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School

Artist Biography

Ho Kai Yim, Clint

We are always deceived by what we see on the surface, and don’t know its intrinsic essence is inconsistent with the appearance, sometimes even contrary. Clint Ho who is a new member of the art world, concerns this aspect and intends to explore this contradictive issue with his works; looking through the multi-layered thin coloured stacks to reveal the reflection and transparency of the object to express its status.

Clint, who was a construction labourer born in 1948, joined the art world fortuitously by enrolling in a Fine Art Program in Hong Kong Art School, where upon completion he gave up his job to further his studies in Australia. Having a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Humanities, a Bachelor and a Master of Fine Art degrees, and currently studying philosophy, with a desire to absorb nutrients to enhance his artistic creations, Clint has grabbed all the opportunities to grow as a human being.

Kan Kiu Sin, Tobe

Kan received her BAFA from RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2017. Her artworks are held in numerous private collections. Kan explores the human psychoanalysis and boundaries between life and death with her paintings, exploring and retrospect to the causality. Her work explores autobiographical experience and mental states. The focus of her practice examines the human condition of insecurity in relation to feelings of alienation or being forgotten. She experiments with painting, drawing and installation. Solo exhibitions include ‘Peck-eyes Ravens’ (CL3 Architects Limited, 2018) and duo solo ‘This Bitter Earth’ (Gallery EXIT, 2019). Participated group exhibitions include ‘The Unsung'(Tai Kwun, 2021)’Hong Kong Spotlight by Art Basel’ (1a space, 2020), ‘In the course of Dancing, from Nightfall to Darkness’ (2020), ‘TAKE 1 ‘(Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, 2019), By the Window (2019), ‘Social Transformations’ (2018)…etc.

Currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

Kong Chun Nga, Kitty

Kong Chun Nga (Kitty) is born and based in Hong Kong. She completed her BAFA at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School) in 2017 and the MA in English (Literary Studies) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2020. She paints in a sense peculiar to the way she slides through the fragmented everyday life; she writes in order to commemorate, though her diary is accounted general fiction by all who knows her well.

Her works are exhibited in Hong Kong, Spain and Japan. She has previously taken part in various workshops and residency programmes in Rome, Spain and Finland. She is a recipient of the MA in ELS Academic Excellence Award (2020) and Reaching Out Award (2017) with her works collected by Bleak House Books and private collectors.

Lau Yin Yeung

Lau Yin Yeung (born 1993, Hong Kong) received his Bachelor of Arts at RMIT University (co presented by Hong Kong Art School) in 2017. Lau loves to carry his camera all the time and is always ready to capture the sceneries he feels obsessed with. His practice is about recreating the scenes with some subjective elements, so the past experience can be shared by oil paintings.

Participated exhibitions include “By the Window” (1A Space, Hong Kong), “An On-going Balance of Insecurity” (Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong), “Deep Silence” (Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong) and “Fresh Trend Art Graduation Exhibition” (K11 Art Space, Hong Kong).

So Yin Kwan, Jody

So Yin Kwan was born in Hong Kong. She received her Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree, co-presented by RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2017, majoring in painting. Yin Kwan is inspired by colour field painting. Taking colour as the subject matter, she is interested in exploring the difference between colour and tone, and using colour and line in painting to reveal the unique colour fields with her aesthetic choice. Furthermore, she has been in pursuit of achieving inner peace through painting.

Yip Man, Manny

Manny Yip (b.1994, Hong Kong) received BAFA at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School) in 2017.

Her works capture senses of childhood innocence which are both reflections of her memories and yearnings. The abstraction and openness of the spatial interpretation in her works also speak for themselves. They are not merely an obsession with the past, but also an inviting space for viewers to freely associate with their own memories and imaginations.

She has been awarded the Reaching Out Award (2017) which included artist residency programmes in Bulgaria & Chicago, and Grant for Emerging Artists (2019). Her artworks were collected by private collectors and exhibited in several cities, Hong Kong, United States and Europe. She has also been invited as a selected artist by commercial corporations and as a programme instructor for schools.