Hong Kong Art School / RMIT – Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduate Exhibition 2023 – Umarell

Hong Kong Art School (a division of Hong Kong Arts Centre) and RMIT University were partnering to present the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduate Exhibition 2023 at the Pao Galleries (Hong Kong Arts Centre), from 8 to 24 July 2023, with an opening reception on 7 July (Friday). The exhibition brought together a collection of works from thirty-one graduates, debuting after three years of art exploration. Through diverse mediums including painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, installation and performance art, the artists presented their unique perspectives of seeing and different ways of art making.

Titled “遊園終日 Umarell”, the exhibition sets the scene for the artists’ reflection on the objectivity of seeing and art making. The Italian slang “umarell” refers to retirees who spend days watching construction works, offering unwanted advice to the workers. Words do not impede changes to their community, but they persist in expressing themselves with great gusto. On the other hand, the Chinese title “遊園終日” traces back to the ancient literati who roamed around gardens, drinking, mingling, writing poems, expressing their sentiment and ambition despite being overlooked by majority. The context of the English and Chinese titles appears unrelated, but they synchronise and reflect similar situations of the keen observers, and how they respond to changes with genuineness and optimism. In art practice, the act of observing different facets of the social environment activates the collision of transformational ideas. Wandering and seeing engender contemplation and lead to meaningful art pursuits.

Our special gratitude goes to the following sponsors (listed in arbitrary order) for their generous support of the graduate exhibition: 1a space, Art6 Creation, Corporate Press (HK) Limited, Hearty Ceramic Supply Co, Hidden Space, Mooroom, Sinag Art Space, WMA, WURE AREA.

Hong Kong Art School / RMIT University – Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduate Exhibition 2023
Exhibition Period : 8 – 24 July 2023
Time : 10am – 8pm
Venue : 4/F – 5/F Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Opening Reception : 7 July 2023 (Fri) | 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Guided Tour : 9 July 2023 (Sun) | 4:30pm – 5:15pm
Participating Artists : 31 graduating students from the School’s Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme

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