Into the beyond — Exhibition at The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School

Exhibition Statement
< Into the Beyond > showcases new works of Vianee Fernie, Ng Kai Fung, Kiesly Tsang, Mon Yau and RiK Yu all of whom graduated at different times from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts), a programme co-presented by RMIT and Hong Kong Art School. Through their art making process, these artists break free from the familiar to transcend from the boundaries of what they know and delve into the deeper realities of existence beyond the mundane.

Vianee Fernie’s expressive abstract composition explores the intricacies of human experience, delving into the difficult decisions we face as we seek to transcend our limitations. Ng Kai Fung’s photography and sound works restore time and capture the fleeting nature of reality. Kiesly Tsang’s gelatin silver prints capture the intangible, revealing secrets of the unknown and offering a glimpse of the ineffable. Mon Yau’s installation starts with a thread knot, inspired by the tradition inherited from her mother. This process initiates a discourse in Nushu, a script created and used exclusively by women, that spans in time and geography. RiK Yu’s documentation of his performance captures the convergence between tradition and contemporary life. His works reflect on the transformation of vernacular traditions over time. Through exploration of objects and space, Yu reinterprets the enigmatic “Jingzhe” vernacular tradition and its practice in contemporary life.

Through their creative journeys, the artists transcend their own foundations, pushing the boundaries of their art practices. These journeys are presented as documentation which forms part of the exhibition. Just like the dancing shadows in Plato’s cave, filled with allusiveness of the uncertainties and revealing the transformative power of art.

Into the Beyond — Exhibition at The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School
Exhibition Period: 7 July – 10 Aug 2023
Time: 11am – 8pm (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)
Venue: The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School (10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)
Artists: RiK YU | NG Kai Fung | Kiesly TSANG | Vianee FERNIE | Mon YAU Siu Kuen
Curator: ArtèThing
Supporting Partner:  AMALGAM

Opening : 7 July 2023 | 5pm – 8pm