Customised Programmes

Customized prog 2 (1085x350)

We offer Customised Programmes, with an aim at providing tailor-made art programmes or short courses for individual groups / organizations / institutions / corporations which are interested in art.  The programmes and courses are designed to suit the particular needs of the interested parties.

We welcome any groups with interest in art training or staff development programmes / courses to propose to us your desired topics according to your needs. The learning areas can be related to Fine Art and Drama Education, e.g. Chinese and Western Drawings / Paintings, Ceramics hand-building / throwing, Photography, 3D Art-making as well as Applied Theatre.  Our School is happy to discuss with you and customize the programmes and courses that will suit your needs.

We have been tailor-making programmes and courses for primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary institutions, firms and organizations of different natures.

The customised experience could be in the forms of art courses, lectures, seminars, and workshops etc.

Our collaborative partners include Education Bureau, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Planning Department, Labour Department, Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR), HSBC Group, New World Development Co. Ltd., NIKE Hong Kong, Hong Kong Country Club, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and Oxfam Hong Kong etc.

For enquiries or further details, please contact:

  : Mr Leung
  : 2824 5341