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Hong Kong Art School (HKAS) (a division of Hong Kong Arts Centre) is the only self-financed local tertiary institution specializing in art, which receives no recurring funding from the HKSAR Government.

HKAS is a non-profit-making institution; income of the School is solely devoted to the teaching and learning activities, the research and development work, as well as the overall operation of the School.

Without subsidies from the Government*, financial support from the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC), which is the first self-financing arts organization in Hong Kong, is necessary to sustain the School’s continual provision of unique art educational services to the community.  Though HKAC is considered the most established non-profit-making and self-financing arts organization in Hong Kong, its sustainability and well-being depend heavily on genuine support from art passionates and generous donation from the community.

*While government –funded tertiary programmes are generally receiving around 80% subsidies from government.

Our firm belief in art and our uncompromising commitment to art education make us stand out from all the other tertiary art schools in town. We are offering what we believe are essential but are missing out from the regular tertiary art curriculums that are available in town (due to whatever operational reasons); we insist to offer what may be going against general business models (and hence are never profit-oriented in financial terms), but in cultural and art educational senses is definitely worthwhile to retain and pursue.

The Authentic & the Alternative
HKAS has achieved many firsts and onlys. Its academic cores are focused and authentic, and its study pathways give rise to alternative routes and flexibility.
It is the only School in town that provides studio-based major studies in specialized areas, which allows in-depth study of a medium in specific and professional studio setting.
It is also the only School that offers substantial and professional art studies to full-time working adults, which allow art lovers from all backgrounds to again resume, pursue and fulfill their artistic dreams.

The Small and Beautiful 
HKAS is a boutique art school, it is small, yet it imposes a unique impact on the society.
It is among the most active institutions in town to nurture artistic talents.  Only throughout the past decade, nearly 3,000 students graduated from the School’s award-bearing programmes of quality.  Over 25,000 students have been enrolled into more than 1,000 short courses offered by the School. And, over 60 projects were conducted connecting the School with the society and over 500 local primary and secondary schools.

The School that Cares about the Society
HKAS believes that art education is more than fostering artistic ways of self-expression. It goes beyond the realms of artistic expression and brings in the form of art education that suggests a spectrum of ideas and springs out an array of approaches, through which art can be blended into daily lives (making life even more beautiful and appreciative), can transform and transcend emotions, and can nurture cultural awareness as well as social responsibility. The School is devoted to the development of cultural software that our society is in need of.

We welcome support that comes in the form of:

  • Donation (in all amounts, from individuals and / or corporations) [Online Donation option is now available, please click here for more details.]
  • Patronage (for Scholarships, and / or art projects to be developed by the School and / or art events to be hosted by the School)

For enquiries or further details, please contact our School Registry:

Email :

For each honorable donation and / or patronage, the School, as a token of gratitude and appreciation, will acknowledge the donor and / or the patron on the School’s official website, and credit will be given in the School’s corporate publication over a designated period of time whenever appropriate and feasible.

Once again, your support means a lot to the only local self-financed tertiary art school in Hong Kong and the art community it is closely connected with!