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Cultural and Social Innovation Management: The Fluidity of Innovation and Execution

With the recent developments in the field of social innovation, more projects involve arts practitioners. The use of arts elements in social services has transformed from painting classes in traditional community centres, to cross-sector collaborative initiates with exciting and innovative approach. How can these arts+social innovation projects harness the creative and influential power of art? As project managers or administrators, how can we initiate cross-sector innovation, communicate and collaborate with stakeholders from social, arts and cultural background, and leverage the aesthetics of arts elements for social impact?

This introductory course of four classes starts with the theory of cultural management systems and extends to the latest developments in social innovation projects and social enterprise management. At the same time, it elaborates and analyses the operation execution and social impact measurements in selected cross-sector initiatives in recent years. Ideal for arts administrators who are interested in understanding social innovation approach, or for change makers in the social enterprise and social innovation sectors who are interested in incorporating elements of arts and culture into their services.


Graduate of the first Profession Certificate in Arts Management course at the Hong Kong Art School (2002), James is a seasoned arts administrator and a social entrepreneur specializing in cross-sector collaboration. From writing theatre critics to managing bookstores and restaurants; from a safety supervisor in the construction industry to organizing public education activities in international NGO, he later established a social enterprise to promote reading experiences. He secured multiple social impact funding and participated in numerous social innovation projects with art and cultural elements. He published a multi-sensory audio description picture book “The Gift Beyond”, which won the Best Publication Award in the “Children and Youth Category” of the Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Award 2023. He graduated with a Master degree in Anthropology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2020, he taught “Social Work and Social Entrepreneurship” class at Hong Kong College of Technology, and he is currently teaching Digital Creativity and Cultural Management courses in Master of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University.


1/6/2024 – 22/6/2024 (SAT)

3:00pm – 5:30pm


HKD 1,780