Fine Art Asia 2020

Hong Kong Art School (HKAS) is proud to participate again in this Asia’s leading international fine art fair. This will be the tenth year for the School to take part in the fair, and also the ninth year for the School to participate as the Education Partner of the fair. The exhibition this time will focus on the breakthroughs from the everyday life, selected works by alumni of the School will be showcased in the fair.

Venue:  HALL 3F, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Booth no: F1)
Date & Time:  27 – 29 November 2020 (Fri to Sun): 11am – 7pm | 30 November 2020 (Mon): 11am – 6pm

Everyday Memoir
Exhibition by Alumni of Hong Kong Art School

The Hong Kong Art School (a division of Hong Kong Arts Centre) is striding into its twenty-first year of development, as a boutique art school, the School will continue to embrace creativity and flexibility, exploring ways to meet the future needs in arts education. In the 21st century, we are aware that diversity plays a key role in art-making, involving also the subject matters and content; besides, the approach of displaying and showcasing artwork may also have to be revisited in view of the changing social and global landscape caused by the pandemic. The interaction between the artwork and the viewers is brought to another level, viewers are not only appreciating art, but also being stimulated by art to further reflect on their own, initiate discussion or get more involved.

In this exhibition, three alumni-artists from Hong Kong Art School, LEE Boon Ying, YUEN Kam Wa Magus and SIU Man Kit Kate, are invited to work together and gather focal points from the diverse, as well as to search for breakthroughs from the everyday life. They are generally all having sentiments towards everyday objects or certain social issues, and they always turn their experiences and concerns into motivations for their creations. Despite the fact that they adopt different approaches, mediums and methodologies; and they are working on different topics ranging from personal interests to social livelihood their works share something in common, they all document and reveal everyday stories that people may not normally be aware of, or paying great attention to.

Participating Artists:
LEE Boon Ying | YUEN Kam Wa Magus | SIU Man Kit Kate